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Yummy Goodness exists to make life easier if you're sick & tired, you're looking to eat healthier, or you're a parent, especially a parent with a few kids, and you know how hard it is to find quality, healthy, organic, fresh, whole foods that cater to multiple food sensitivities. YG aspires to make it easier to eat nutritious yet delicious whole foods with the peace of mind that we've got your back when it comes to quality and freshness. When nuts, seeds and grains are not properly stored they can oxidize quicker and become rancid which when ingested become free radicals in the body and put an extra burden on your liver and health. We at YG care about the quality of our products and their beneficial impact on your body. You can check out why we choose the ingredients we use on our Ingredients​ page. YG is committed to providing you easy quality, healthy, organic, fresh, whole food mixes that cater to multiple food sensitivities so you can worry less about your food and enjoy life more!


For over 20 years I dealt with mounting health issues that our medical industry kept failing to help with. I saw doctors, nurse practitioners, & specialists who could not help. My issues got worse & I developed more issues until I was completely debilitated with fatigue. Somehow, at the same time, I went back to school & graduated as a registered holistic nutritionist. I switched to functional doctors & naturopaths. I found some duds, it was expensive but for the most part I was getting answers. I finally found a clinic that started to help me but while I was at my worst I wanted to be able to eat healthy. I was just too fatigued and there was nothing on the market that would work for me. I wanted healthy, organic, easy mixes that suited all of my food sensitivities & that I could easily make on my own. So slowly I started testing recipes & building Yummy Goodness Whole Food Mixes. My hope is that YG can help others who need healthier, quality options that cater to multiple food sensitivities, & to those who need that extra care & support, or even that extra bit of precious time.

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